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Japanese Restaurant Port Melbourne

At Moshi Moshi we serve only the freshest seafood and produce to deliver our customers a truly memorable and authentic Japanese dining experience.

Come in for a hearty midweek lunch, Tuesday through Sunday, or drop by for dinner and enjoy the full Moshi Moshi experience. We recommend booking in advance for dinner.

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Boiled soy beans with sea salt

Oyster with moshimoshi dressing

Fresh oyster with soy vinaigrette and spring onion dressing

Oyster with 7 spice dressing

Fresh oyster with radish, fried onion, spring onion, seven spiced dressing

Wagyu Tataki

Seared premium Wagyu served with MoshiMoshitataki sauce

Scallop Tataki

Seared scallops with wakame seaweed, spring onion and miso vinegar sauce

Steam Vegetables

Steamed daikon, carrot, bokchoy, zucchini, shimeji mushroom

Gyoza (6pc)

Pan fried pork dumplings served with a soy dipping sauce

Chichen Karaage

Fried chicken with garden salad, sea salt, lemon wedge and Japanese mayonnaise

Agedashi Tofu

Fried tofu served with fish flakes, spring onion and soy ginger sauce

Crispy fried calamari

Fried calamari with garden salad and spring onion

Seven spiced mayonnaise tempura king prawn (4pc)

Seven spiced coated Tempura king prawn with moshi mayonnaise

Soft shell crab tempura

Tempura style soft shell crab with moshi mayo and lemon wedge

Zucchini and Eggplant dengaku

Deep fried zucchini and eggplant served with dengaku miso sauce

Moshi salad

Fresh sashimi, moshi calamari, tempura prawn with salad and moshi mayo

Tuna Steak salad

Seared Tuna covered with sesame, served with mixed salad and
moshisalad dressing

Nigiri sushi

Tuna $3.50
Salmon(Raw & Seared) $3.50
Scallop(Raw & Seared) $3.50
Kingfish(Raw & Seared) $3.50
Eel $6.0

Spicy inside-out NZ salmon sushi roll(4pc)

Inside-out sushi roll topping with salmon fried onion and spring onion

Crispy BBQ chicken inside out sushi roll(4pc)

crumbed chicken inside-out sushi roll served with BBQ sauce

Crispy soft shell crab sushi roll-spider roll(4pc)

Crispy soft shell crab inside-out sushi roll with cucumber, avocado.

Grilled wagyu beef sushi roll(4pc)

Grilled premium Japanese Beef in a sushi roll with cucumber, carrot

Tempura tuna sushi roll(4pc)

Tempura style sushi roll served with cooked tuna and mayonnaise

Calamari Sushi Roll(4pc)

Cucumber sushi topping with fried calamari and spring onion

Vege Sushi Roll(4pc)

Avocado, Cucumber, Carrot, Mixed Salad and Wasabi

MoshiMoshi Roll(4pc)

Inside out cooked tuna sushi roll with tobiko and coriander

Salmon sashimi(9pc)

Raw slices of salmon served with Japanese garnish

Yellow fin Tuna sashimi(9pc)

Raw slices of Tuna served with Japanese garnish

Kingfish sashimi(9pc)

Raw slices of Kingfish served with Japanese garnish

Assorted sashimi(11pc)

chef’s selection fresh raw fish served with Japanese garnish

Sushi & sashimi Platter

Chef’s selection sashimi, assorted nigiri sushi and MoshiMoshi roll

Tempura moriawase

Prawns, chef selection white fish, varieties of vegetables and tentsuyu sauce.

Teriyaki chicken

Grilled chicken Served with varieties of vegetables and teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki salmon

Grilled Salmon served with varieties of vegetables and teriyaki sauce.

Tenderloin Wagyu Steak

100 gm, M-7 Tenderloin Wagyu steak served with varieties of vegetables and garlic soy dressing.

Chicken katsu curry

Crumbed chicken thigh served with Japanese curry and moshi salad.

Salmon katsu curry

Crumbed salmon cutlets served with Japanese curry and moshi salad.

Pork Kakuni (Japanese braised pork belly)

Braised pork belly served with steamed varieties of vegetables.

Stir fry green vegetables and Tofu

Stir fried vegetables and Tofu with ginger sauce.

Wagyu Hot Pot (sha-bu sha-bu sukiyaki)

Premium wagyu beef hot pot served with tofu, cabbage, mushroom and bok choy

Steamed rice

Miso Soup


Seaweed & tofu miso soup

Agedashi tofu

Gyoza (6pc)

Chicken Karaage

fried free range chicken

Ebi chilli

stir fry chilli king prawn (6pc)

Salmon California roll

Tempura tuna sushi roll

Cooked tuna California roll

BBQ wagyu beef roll

Crispy chicken sushi roll

Salmon sashimi(12pc)

Seared Salmon sashimi (12pc)

Tuna & salmon sushi sashimi platter

Moshi Moshi special sushi sashimi platter

Includes oysters, prawns, tuna, salmon, tobiko, wagyu beef, Crab coleslaw, tempura tuna sushi and salmon California roll

Chicken katsu curry

crumbled chicken and curry sauce on top of steamed rice and a side of green salad

Salmon katsu curry

Crumbed salmon with Japanese curry sauce on top of steamed rice and a side of green salad

Teriyaki salmon donburi

Grilled salmon on steamed rice with teriyaki sauce and side of green salad

Teriyaki chicken donburi

grilled free range chicken on steamed rice with teriyaki Sauce and side of green salad

Eel donburi

Quality Tender eel on steamed rice with teriyaki sauce and side of green salad

Lunch Bento Box

Each Lunch Bento box comes with a side a kushihage (crumbed skewers), soba salad, edamame (Japanese soy beans), steamed rice, broccoli with tuna mayo and pickles with a choice of the following mains:

  • Wagyu Beef Lettuce
  • Teriyaki Salmon
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Gyoza (Pork Dumpling)
  • Chilli King Prawn
  • Organic Tofu (Vegetarian)
  • Tempura Tuna Sushi Roll
  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Spicy Calamari Sushi Roll
  • Salmon California Roll
  • Salmon California Roll and Salmon Sashimi

Organic Chicken Soba Noodles

Grilled organic chicken served with traditional Japanese soba soup and soba noodles.

Seafood Tempura Soba Noodles

Seafood and vegetables in Japanese style tempura batter served with a bowl of soba noodles and soup as a dipping sauce.

Miso Soup

Soy bean paste broth served with seaweed, spring onion and organic tofu.

Sliding hill

Sauv Blanc, Marlborough, NZ

The Hill

Chardonnay,Bellarine Peninsula,VIC

Ant Moore

Pinot Gris, Marlborough, NZ


Riesling, Clare Valley, SA


Sauv Blanc, Marlborough, NZ

Braided river

Sauv Blanc, Marlborough, NZ

Ant Moore

Sauv Blanc, Marlborough, NZ

Joffa’s Hill

Chardonnay, Mornington Peninsula. VIC

Norfolk Rise

Pinot Grigio, Mount Benson, SA

Mad Fish Premium

Blend, Margaret River, WA

Were estate

Chardonnay, Margaret River VIC

Cloudy Bay

Sauv Blanc, Marlborough, NZ.

Plantagenet hazard hill

Shiraz, WA

Windy Peak

Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley

Mad fish Premium

Blend, Margaret River, W.A


Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra, SA

Penfolds Private release

Shiraz / Cab, SA

Little Black Stone

Pinot Noir, Marlborough NZ


Pinot Noir, Grampians, VIC

Were Estate

Cab sav Margaret River VIC

Atze’s corner

shiraz 80%,tempranillo 7%
Cab sav 7% Grenache 6%, Barossa Valley SA


Shiraz, Barossa Valley SA

Chandon Brut

coldstream VIC

Shooting Star Sauv Blanc

N.V. Marlborough,NZ

Kiki Sparkling Sauv Blanc

N.V. Marlborough, NZ

Jacob’s Creek Sparkling

(200ml) Chardonnay / Pinot Noir, S.A


Plum wine, sweet traditional Japanese wine, suitable for most Japanese meal


Japanese cocktail, plum wine and soda water

Green Tea

Rice Tea

Beer & Cider

Asahi on Tap (Japan)
Asahi (Japan)
Kirin (Japan)
Sapporo (Japan)
Corona (Mexico)
Pure Blonde
355ml $9.0
Boags Premium Light
 375ml $7.0
Rekorderlig Pear Cider (Sweden)
500ml $11.8
Rekorderlig Apple Cider (Sweden)
Rekorderlig Strawberry Cider (Sweden)

Soft Drinks

Coke $3
Diet Coke $3
Lemonade $3
Lemon Lime & Bitters $3
San Benedetto
 Still $4
San Benedetto sparkling mineral water $4


Moshi Moshi Gallery Moshi Moshi Gallery

All gallery photos by Peter Bongiorno


A 79 Bay St, Port Melbourne, 3207
P 03 9646 noskype7228   M 0451 990 noskype452


Lunch:    Tue - Sat 12 - 2pm
Dinner:  Mon - Sun 6 - late


Tram: Route 109 - Stops 128 & 129
Bus: Routes 234
Stopping on Graham St
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